Our main focus is help R&D teams in built effective and high quality Test..
Our team of labview experts has extensive experience in various research fields, with expertise in testing and measurement.
As a National Instruments partner we have a deep understanding of hardware and test configurations, we can work from sensor to software.
Data acquisition, Automated tests, Vision, Rel Time and FPGA controller, Data analysis and Presentation.


We are focused in growth our relation in IOT, Industry 4.0, Condition Monitoring, Quality.
We therefore extend our proposal to end-of-line testing, continuous monitoring, inspection of defects on production.

About Us

Our company is made up of developers and engineers from different fields.
Our core mission is to help our partners create complex systems for research and industry by deploying our skills in software development.
As a labVIEW consultant we offer consulting, add-on resource and software development services.
We select and work with reliable partners for the creation of more complex solutions and turnkey systems.


Flexibility is the first main value to become the ideal partner for you.
We want to participate in the competition, with you, adapting and shaping our model on yours.


Reliability is what we all expect. We realize our reliability, passing from competence to experience and a careful line of communication. We review all our work in order to increase our level of reliability and quality.


We maintain a balanced team to keep us agile. Communication, collaboration and iteration mindset are the key to our agile approach.

Main technologies