Testing of pressure reducers

The pressure reducer is a type of valve that allows the regulation of the outlet pressure.

The main purpose of the test is to verify that the measurement parameters are within the set limits. By checking the peaks on the outlet pressure, in the changes of state.

It is possible to carry out characterization tests of the flow coefficient Kv and other types of tests, based on the test setup adopted.

The system is quite versatile, thanks to a sequencer, which performs the steps defined in the test sequences.

It is also possible to collect the sequences in a test plan that allows you to divide the entire test into several phases.

The system uses National Instruments (TM) Hardware and Software,

The control plan includes control and regulation steps. In the operator wait step, it is possible to make the calibration adjustments of the DUT.

The required tests provide a display of the results on the single phase, if a test fails the test is aborted.

The measurement circuit can be configured for characterizations such as in the specific case the flow coefficient Kv [m3 / h] (IEC 60 534-2-1).

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